Proactive vulnerability control
in production environments

Traditional approaches to application security can't keep up with constantly changing multicloud environments and fast-moving DevSecOps processes, causing blind spots and uncertainty about exposures and their impact on cloud-native applications.
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Dynatrace Application Security is the latest addition to the Dynatrace Software Intelligence platform. Thanks to the new Runtime Vulnerability Assessment module, it is now possible to:
  • Automated runtime vulnerability detection and risk assessment for applications across the entire software development lifecycle
  • Understand the true risk of each vulnerability in your environment
  • Zero additional deployment effort, no configurations, no new agents, no scripts, and is 100% automatic.
  • Powered by Davis AI
Webinar | 29.12.21 | 11:00 EET
In our webinar, we will talk about how you can secure your applications with Dynatrace using the example of the latest sensational Log4Shell vulnerability.
Gabriel Agatiello Silva
Security Expert
*Webinar language is English
A new era in application security powered by AI and automation

Dynatrace® Application Security
Solves all of the problems described above by providing automated runtime vulnerability detection and risk assessment for cloud-native applications across the entire software development lifecycle and in every operating environment, including dynamic multiclouds and Kubernetes clusters. Using proven Dynatrace OneAgent and Davis AI technologies, Dynatrace Application Security gives the C-suite confidence in the security of their cloud-native applications, while accelerating innovation by automating many of the manual security processes that DevSecOps teams are currently struggling with.
Prevent, identify and resolve exposures faster
  • Davis AI automatically generates a unique risk score for each potential vulnerability by combining information from Snyk's vulnerability database with Dynatrace Smartscape topology and PurePath® attack vector analysis.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in Kubernetes infrastructure and applications running in containers, virtual machines, and traditional servers.
  • Speed vulnerability remediation by identifying the required upgrades and/or potential workarounds through native integration with Snyk.

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